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July 1, 2016

My friends know one of my passions is flying. I’ve loved it since I was a small boy. They often ask me what this organization Angel Flight I fly for is about and who we fly. I think this will help to understand.

Passengers Our Precious Cargo
Angel Flights free air service is available to patients (and their families) whose financial resources do not permit them to travel by other means to get needed diagnosis or treatment. We also fly patients and families who are unable to use public transportation because of their medical condition, who need to fly immediately, or who live in remote areas where public transportation is not available.

Service is provided on a non-emergency basis for medically stable and ambulatory patients and their families. Emergency flights are reserved for persons who need to visit critically ill or injured family members, patients needing organ transplants and organ donations.

There is never a fee to any of our passengers for our service. Our costs are covered by the generous donations of private and corporate donors, and by the pilots who volunteer their time and planes.

Why we fly
Often our patients need access to respected medical facilities offering new or experimental treatment but the facilities are a long journey from the patients home. Our patients usually have medical insurance, but a catastrophic illness can leave them without the necessary funds for transportation to the medical care they need. Plus, for those who live in rural areas, their local medical facilities may not have the capacity to provide the medical care necessary for a patients survival and recovery.

Angel Flight eliminates distance as a barrier to accessing quality medical care.When regular commercial air travel is cost-prohibitive, driving may be a patients only alternative. Yet, exhausting round trip car rides to medical care sometimes hundreds of miles away, often several times a week“can be highly stressful, adding to the strain and length of recovery. Angel Flight Northeast can alleviate that strain by providing quick and free transportation to health care in distant locations, through the generous donation of private pilots and their planes.

With one less major concern over their heads, patients can devote more energy to getting better.