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Selling your Home

Selling your home is a process that should be tackled one step at a time.  It is a good idea to know the entire plan before you begin.  I can walk you through each step so that the entire experience will be positive and profitable for you.

  1. Sell with a Realtor

–  Save paperwork, research, and valuable time

  1. Price your house

–  Your Realtor will supply a free market analysis

  1. Documents

–  Have your deed, title, and survey ready

  1. Home inspection

–  Have a professional inspector do a walk-through to identify any major repairs needed

  1. Make improvements for increased value

–  Spruce up landscaping

–  Power wash exterior

–  Clean carpets/refinish hardwoods/paint

–  Replace old appliances

  1. De-clutter, Depersonalize, and Stage

–  Clean and neat as possible: clutter free foyers, seasonal flowers,

–  Bright and spacious- brighter the room, larger it appears, open windows and curtains

–  Move furniture for best effect in each room

–  Remove or hide personal items, let buyers imagine space as their own

–  Deodorize

–  Finishing touches fresh flowers, wind chime, new house numbers, new mailbox, indoor live plants, new shower curtain

  1. Marketing

– Brochure for open house

  1. Financing

–  Negotiating/Counter offers

–  Contract language

–  Finance options

  1. Final sale

–  Accepting the contract

–  Buyer’s inspection

–  Title commitment

–  Final closing

This process will flow from one aspect to the other as we meet, plan, and research together.  Remember that I will help you each step of the way.